3" Extreme Led Scene Light Pair and Wiring Kit

3" Extreme Led Scene Light Pair and Wiring Kit


Package comes with:

  • Pair of 3" scene lights

  • Harness to control both lights with one switch

  • Option to add ditch mounts

About our scene lights:

  1. Great for general work and task lighting close to where they are mounted (on your vehicle, camper, trailer, etc)

  2. 120 ° wide pattern lights up a large area

  3. IP68 Rated Waterproof

  4. 2 - High Output 10w CREE LEDs (20w Total)

Lifetime Warranty

  • These can mount to the side rails, crossbars, you name it using out Tnutz.

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These scene lights are the best choice for your general up close area lighting, like around your vehicle, camper, trailer, etc. 

2.8" wide x 2.2" deep x 2" tall (light housing only) 2.5" tall from mount base to top of light.


  • 2 LED scene Light

  • 2 Stainless steel universal mounting bracket

  • Wiring Harness to control 2 lights