Extreme Stackerz - 2" Modular LED Light - Flood Kit

Extreme Stackerz - 2" Modular LED Light - Flood Kit

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Kit Includes:

2 - Stackerz (black, flood)

2 - DT Pigtails made specifically to connect to the Stackerz (new!)

2 - Rear plastic wiring covers (new!)

1 - DT Wiring Harness with Switch for 2 lights

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If you've been looking for a unique look and a specific fit, our Extreme Stackerz may be exactly what the Doctor prescribed. The modular design lets your imagination run wild to come up with the exact look you've been searching for.

Run a single light when needed in a compact area or motorcycle, or stack them together to the perfect width or height for your application for a truly custom look.

Made of rugged aluminum and features a high output single CREE LED, which means you don't have to sacrifice light output in such a small package.

Compare to the KC Hilites KC Flex! At less than 1/3 the cost, yet nearly identical construction and quality. Ours also includes a lifetime warranty and 30 day risk free returns. So give them a try...you've got nothing to lose.

2" Wide x 2" tall x 3" deep

spot beam


1,000 lumens