Waterport Day Tank w/ Sleeve

Waterport Day Tank w/ Sleeve

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Waterport’s are the perfect non potable water storage solution.

They can be mounted to your rack, placed in the back of your vehicle or bed of your truck. They offer the availability for pressurized water with ease.

They hold 3.8 gallons of water, enough for 2-3 quick showers.

Comes with a 6ft hose w/ 9 pattern spray nozzle which gives you 3.5 to 15 minutes of spray time

They can be used for showers, dishes, rinsing off your dogs dirty paws and much more.

All kits come with tank, hose, spray nozzle, hose adapters, nozzle holder, bar mount, hitch mount, bed rail mount, and neoprene sleeve.

The pump cap allows you to pressurize the tank without a Schrader Valve compatible pump or compressor.

Not for drinking water.

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