4 Tips for Maximizing Storage in Your 4Runner

4 Tips for Maximizing Storage in Your 4Runner

When you want an SUV that easily handles most driving situations, a 4Runner is a reliable vehicle for your travels. The 4Runner has great performance and significant space for its passengers and their items. But if you want to increase the amount of storage for this SUV, these tips will help you carry the maximum amount possible.

Add a Raised Platform to the Trunk

The trunk of the 4Runner is very spacious, with a wide length and a high ceiling. As an added feature for space, the backseats fold forward to create more trunk space. However, this additional feature creates an imbalance between the trunk area and the folded back seats, with higher back seats.

If you want to level this storage space, you could place a raised platform in the trunk space that matches the height of the folded seats. The platform would need a hollowed bottom to allow you to keep the space of the trunk. This method will maximize the storage of the 4Runner while also creating a balanced setup, so that fitting items into the vehicle isn't awkward.

Add Seat Back Organizer

Using seat back organizers is a simple way to create storage in any vehicle. The organizer is an effective way to store items for convenience, which is especially helpful when you have multiple items that you want to fit into your car and don't want to have a loose bag in the vehicle.

These hangable attachments range in size from a small patch with a few pockets to an entire cover for the seat. A larger organizer will be the best option if you want to create more storage in the 4Runner.

Add a Roof Rack

For the best storage option and an ideal choice for extra space, a Toyota 4Runner rack will help you store more items on top of your roof. There are various options for roof racks here at Sherpa Equipment that will look and function well with your 4Runner and allow you to attach more of your luggage and camping gear for the road.

Roof racks are reliable equipment with numerous pieces that will help you secure items and add more if needed. The storage space on top will make more room for you in the vehicle for a comfortable ride.

Add an Underseat Storage

Adding a system underneath the backseats that acts as a hidden storage similar to a trunk is possible. These installments will require you to remove the backseats and install a hollowed compartment that the seating goes over, which will take some effort.

However, you will maximize the storage of your 4Runner by using this item. The compartment will give you room for any extra items you may want to have in emergencies, such as a full first aid kit.

4Runners are great vehicles with wonderful storage, but there's always room for improvement. If you want to increase your 4Runner's storage, use these tips to help you make a capable vehicle even better.

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