5 Essential Tips for Securing Your Rooftop Tent

5 Essential Tips for Securing Your Rooftop Tent

For those who don’t wish to use the conventional means of pitching a tent in the wild and handling the process of taking it down, the rooftop tent is a perfect solution while traveling. Using the rooftop tent is simple and easy. However, to ensure that your tent makes it to its destination, you’ll need to follow these five essential tips for securing your rooftop tent as you drive.

Use Straps and Bars for Locking

You place rooftop tents onto a roof rack system and secure them using straps, bars, or both. But there is better gear made for locking, such as locking bars and locking straps.

This roof rack hardware consists of durable stainless steel. Both secure the tent while it’s in its casing, and they’re challenging to cut through with a knife. You will see that your rooftop tent isn’t at risk of theft or falling off when secured by this gear.

Take Down the Tent When You’re Finished

When the tent is not in use, it’s good to take it down and secure it. Whether you’re driving on the road or at a place to rest, there’s still a chance that the tent will fall off, and you will have to reattach it.

Get Insurance for the Tent

You have the option of insuring the tent through your auto insurance. Call your provider and ask if they offer coverage for rooftop tents getting lost or stolen. It’s always a good thing to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

Set Up an Alarm System

An alarm system will offer dual measures for securing your rooftop tent. Try to use an alarm that will trip when the tent detaches from the rooftop; if the tent falls off or someone takes off, the notice will sound off and notify you of your missing tent.

Use Security Nuts and Bolts

Straps and bars are suitable methods of securing your rooftop tent, but nuts and bolts are a great alternative if you need another idea. These items add to the locking mechanic that rooftop tents already have when attached to the roof rack. Using either will tighten down the area where it connects and make it doubly hard to tear it off.

Rooftop tents are an excellent method of camping and off-roading. They must stay secure while out in nature so that you have a place to sleep, so use some of these tips to make your resting spot feel secure.

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