Factors To Consider Before Buying a Roof-Top Tent

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Roof-Top Tent

Roof-top tents for your vehicle offer a comfortable and unique camping experience—but you need to make sure you have one that’s right for you. There are a few factors to consider before buying a roof-top tent and purchasing one before considering can lead to uncomfortable conditions. Know what to look for and how you can make your trip more convenient with a proper tent.

Does the Tent Fit Your Vehicle?

The first step to purchasing the ideal roof-top tent is to know if your current roof rack can hold it. Consult your vehicle’s user manual and find the section about your roof rack. If you have an aftermarket rack, look into the product information manual.

Check if your rack is compatible with root-top tents and they can support the added weight. Add the weight of the tent with the weight of all the car’s occupants; this will let you know if your vehicle can handle it.

Is the Tent Hard-Top Or Soft-Top?

Consider whether you should invest in a hard-top tent or a soft-top. The hard-top is made of hard, durable material, and can survive in harsh environments. They’re heavy, which can potentially affect how much you can bring with you on your trip.

Where you plan to camp largely determines which one you need. The soft-top has lighter, weaker material and is used in mild climates. Despite this, they can still get torn, so if that happens, be prepared to do some quick repairs.

Make Sure Your Tent Is Suitable

You need to know the critical factors to consider before buying a roof-top tent for your safety and comfort. Investing in something unstable or incompatible with your vehicle can leave you vulnerable to harm, unnecessarily endangering you and others. Make sure you have the right roof rack mounts and that your tent can stand up to the elements. You don’t want to cut corners when setting up your tent since doing so can result in possible injury.

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