How Much Can You Safely Store on a Roof Rack?

How Much Can You Safely Store on a Roof Rack?

A roof rack allows vehicles to carry more luggage and cargo on road trips, making them helpful additions if you don’t already have one. It‘s important to keep these roof racks in the best shape possible, so you will need to ensure they aren‘t overloaded. It‘s important to know how much is too much when storing items on a roof rack, as this information will help you prevent damage to the roof rack and your vehicle.

What is the Average Strength of a Roof Rack?

Numerous types of roof racks with various designs and capabilities will allow more or less weight to remain on the vehicle‘s roof safely. But the average weight that a roof rack will hold is around 150 pounds, with some variations having higher averages. It‘s important to understand the average weight that a roof rack may hold to know where to cap the number of items you store, so you don‘t accidentally exceed your limit.

How Do I Determine its Maximum Storage Capacity?

Certain items may affect how you safely store things on a roof rack. If you store multiple small items, it may affect how the roof rack is organized, with numerous accessories needed to ensure that the items don‘t fall off. Storing heavier items will give you a lower limit on how much you may store without damaging the roof rack.

The amount of safe storage space on your roof will quickly diminish if you have a lot of heavy sports gear, such as bikes, kayaks, and camping supplies. Take note of the items you want to store and how they may be stored so you don‘t exceed the weight limit of your roof rack or run the risk of items toppling over.

What are the Effects of Excess Storage on a Roof Rack?

If you place too much weight onto the roof rack, you may cause damage to the roof of the car and the rack. Storing items over the weight limit of the rack will cause it to bend and break from the pressure and may cause damage to the roof if it concaves enough.

The vehicle‘s fuel economy will also diminish with the excess weight that forces it to use more fuel. It won‘t be easy to control the vehicle, especially on tight turns, which could lead to tipping.

What is the Safest Limit for Storage?

Numerous factors determine how much you can safely store on a roof rack. It‘s best to look at the owner‘s manual to determine the weight limit, configurations, and any roof rack hardware you can attach for more storage options. Keeping the average weight limit of a roof rack and giving your best attempt at not stacking your cargo will be your best bet in ensuring the safety of your roof rack storage.

Like anything else, a roof rack’s storage capacity has limits, so it‘s important to practice safety when storing your items. Use this information about your roof rack to prevent overstoring your items and create a safe storage system on top of your vehicle.

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