How To Maximize Your Roof Racks Storage for Summer

How To Maximize Your Roof Racks Storage for Summer

Many of us enjoy a good vacation during the summer when we travel on road trips to different areas of the country to see new places. When we pack our bags, we want to ensure that we have all the supplies we need and that our vehicles are prepared for the trek, especially our roof racks. Our roof racks need to have the most storage during the warmer months, and there are certain preparations to ensure we get the most out of our roof racks.

Prepare for Heavy Hauls

During the summer, there are numerous places to visit with different activities for you and others. If you plan on taking a longer trip, you'll most likely have a larger amount of luggage to take with you, and you'll need more room for your roof rack and higher weight durability. Preparing your roof rack with the right fittings to handle more weight is essential to prevent any spilling of your gear or damage to the vehicle's top.

The Toyota Tundra rack is a stronger roof rack with thicker metal and durable plastic that will help you carry more on top of your vehicle. Thanks to the roof rack, more items such as coolers, camping equipment, or even a small sports vehicle will fit on top of your car despite their weight.

Add More Crossbars

The crossbars are essential to a roof rack's ability to hold onto items and store cargo. A roof rack with more crossbars will carry more things on the top of your vehicle because there are more areas to attach your gear. Add more crossbars to your roof rack to maximize storage and allow for more security as you travel along the road.

Straps and other accessories will help you secure items, but these accessories need something to attach to, such as the crossbars. Therefore, having more crossbars will give you more areas to connect. The crossbars also support more weight along the roof rack. You will have the ability to carry heavier luggage on your summer trips in higher quantities.

Use More Tie-Downs

Tie-downs are a trusted tool in a roof rack system that keeps items secured to the rack and prevents them from moving around too much or tipping over and falling off the car. The roof rack system will need a certain amount of roof racks to ensure your luggage stays in place. If you have a roof rack of a larger size, more tie-downs are necessary to ensure the security is evenly distributed.

You may add more to your roof rack if you tie it down properly, so it doesn't fly off while you drive. Use ratchet straps with thick, durable fibers that won't degrade from exposure to weather and take time before showing wear and tear.

Consider a Tarp

Summertime is a time for plenty of sun and stormy weather. If you want to protect your luggage on your roof rack, you may want to consider using a tarp to cover them. A thick tarp may defend your items and be a possible way to hold them. The tarp may serve as a wrapping for certain compact gear. You will have your things together and create more room for other cargo so you may protect vulnerable materials. Keeping the wrapping in place with tie-downs will ensure the wrapping doesn't roll around as you drive.

Place Sports Equipment on the Rack and Smaller Items in the Vehicle

Larger items such as bikes, surfboards, jet skis, and sleds need plenty of room when you’re going on a trip to a ski resort or coastal area with a lot of beaches. You'll need to maximize your roof rack capacity for the summer by placing the larger items on top of the rack and smaller items inside the vehicle. The sports equipment will take more room to configure and secure to the rack, and you will need to use the space inside the car for an organized layout.

Look for Spacious Roof Rack Baskets

A roof rack basket is a helpful tool for carrying different luggage you need to secure. This system is a metal basket with metal bars crossing horizontally and metal walls on all sides that act as barriers. These walls are retractable and will fold down when you need more space and want to use accessories such as tie-downs and straps.

The roof rack basket will fit between the load bars of the roof rack system and comes in various sizes that allow you to choose how you want to store your items.

Implement Towers To Raise the Roof Rack

Every roof rack stands at a certain height, and a higher elevation means more room for your items. If you use taller towers where the roof rack load bars remain secured to the roof, you will have more room for things to store over the roof rack and potentially underneath the roof rack. You will need to be mindful of the clearance of your luggage when passing under trees or low bridges if you raise the rack to create more space underneath. But if you measure your vehicle's total height and plan meticulously, you should have a safe trip regardless.

Use Longer Load Bars

The vehicle's load bars hold the crossbars and act as the main structure of a roof rack. The load bars will normally extend across the entire roof vertically and will hold as much cargo as the length of the roof allows. But if you extend the load bars, you can load more on the top of your car. A longer load bar will mean more room for crossbars, giving you more room to add more items. Ensure that the items on top have an even distribution, so there isn't a lot of weight on one side.

Try Using a Rooftop Tent for Camping

A rooftop tent is a convenient way to create a lighter camping trip by already having the tent set up. The gear you usually bring for camping will decrease as you already have the sleeping arrangements sorted out. Your haul of outdoor equipment will require fewer items and free up more space for other things you need for the trip.

Use a Doble Cab Rack For Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks won't always have the most space on their small cab, so they will need more space from a double cab rack. A normal cab rack will only allow a small area to store items on top of the cab, but if you have a cover for the truck bed, you will have room for a double cab rack, allowing you to double your storage space.

The roof rack will help you p your summer adventure. And if you want to have the most room and ensure your trip has plenty of excitement, maximize your roof rack to carry the things that matter most.

How To Maximize Your Roof Racks Storage for Summer

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