4Runner Build

Taylor's Overland Built 5th Gen 4Runner

Taylor's Overland Built 5th Gen 4Runner

Taylor is our Shipping Manager here at Sherpa and is a massive help in making sure you get your products on time and in good condition. Not only does he take pride in his work, but also his 2019 Toyota 4Runner that has been tastefully modified to Adventure with Confidence.


Taylor has modified his 4Runner to fit his needs on and off-road from the inside and out. From steel armor, lighting, roof rack system, and storage solutions this vehicle is ready for adventure.


For suspension, Taylor is using Dobinson 3" Lift kit with their Heavy weight springs in the front and medium weight in the rear. This setup has been treating him very well and handles the added weight very well. 


Taylor is running a C4 Fabrications Hybrid Front Bumper, RCI Off-road full skid plate package and RSG Off-road sliders. He has plans to add a steel rear bumper in the future.


    On the front bumper Taylor is using a slew of Baja Designs lights to light up the road in front of him and has Rigid Industries pods as ditch lights on Rago Fabrications mounts. All of these lights are powered and controlled by an SPOD Bantam Touch Screen. He would like to add some Baja Designs S2's on the ditch lights and replace the Rigid Lights for Baja Design Squadrons.


    Taylor has THE CRESTONE (2010-2021 4RUNNER ROOF RACK) allowing him to have plenty of space for future gear, accessories and possibly a tent all while looking great on his rig. He runs a Large Adapt Plate on the roof rack for ease of mounting accessories and as a place to stand when taking pictures. 


    In the back of Taylor's 4Runner is the Sherpa Baseplate System with some simple totes until he can upgrade to a drawer system as well as Rago Fabrication Molle Panels. This is where he has all of his off-road recovery gear and medical equipment. 



    Thanks for checking out Taylor's Overland Built 5th Gen 4Runner, check back for more builds and be sure to subscribe to the Youtube Channel for more content. 

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