The Dos and Don'ts of Traveling With a Roof Rack

The Dos and Don'ts of Traveling With a Roof Rack

It's important to have the means of carrying your luggage, and a roof rack will serve as a secure form of cargo hauling. This equipment is reliable, but you’ll also need to practice discretion to ensure that you don't damage the roof rack or gear you carry. Following these dos and don’ts of traveling with a roof rack will help you reach your destination with everything in one piece.

Do Lubricate Regularly

Natural elements like wind, rain, and heat may cause the plastic or metal of the roof rack to deteriorate or rust. Maintaining the roof rack and keeping it lubricated is something you should do regularly to ensure it stays in good shape. A worn-down roof rack that you haven’t cared for is more likely to break and won't be able to sustain as much weight as before. The lubrication will add a barrier to the rack and protect it from sun rays and moisture.

Don't Rush the Attachment Process

You don't want to rush the process of attaching your roof rack. You're more likely to make a mistake and cause the roof rack to become loose as you travel, eventually making the luggage fall off the vehicle. Take your time and follow the instruction manual to have the most security in your car.

Do Consider the Height of the Rack and Luggage

It's important to know how tall your vehicle is with the luggage attached so you won't collide with a low-clearance bridge or arch. Measure your vehicle's dimensions after loading everything up, and determine the length to ensure that you don't make a bad turn that may topple the vehicle. For example, a Toyota Tundra truck rack adds height to the truck's roof once installed. It has a chance of hitting a low structure and may tap an object during small turns, and you'll want to be aware of its limitations before taking off on the road.

Don't Speed With a Heavy Load

If your vehicle has a heavy load, you must proceed cautiously and ensure you don't speed while traveling with a roof rack. The chances of losing your gear or tipping over on a turn will increase the faster you go. Going above the speed limit on the road is always a bad idea, but when you have many items on your roof rack, you must not speed to keep yourself and your things safe.

Roof racks are useful pieces of equipment that will help you in your journey. However, you need to ensure you know the dos and don'ts of traveling with roof racks to have a safe trip and get to your destination with all your luggage.

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