Tips for Tying Things to Your Roof Rack the Right Way

Tips for Tying Things to Your Roof Rack the Right Way

When you travel by car, it’s important to use systems like roof racks to help carry your cargo and make room inside the vehicle. The items you take must remain tied down so that they don’t fall off while you’re on the road. There’s a proper procedure to tie down luggage to the roof rack and keep your items safe until you arrive at your destination.

Tie Items Down Depending on the Roof Rack You Have

There are multiple types of roof racks, each with a different height and width. Considering the kind of roof rack you’re using will help you create an efficient system to organize your items. If you have a taller roof rack with high towers and raised crossbars, you’ll want to be mindful of how much extra height you add to it with your cargo.

This added height will make passing under low bridges or branches difficult in some cases, so you’ll want to tie the luggage down in an even and not stacked way. Check your owner’s manual from the roof rack company that your roof rack came from to know your rack’s specs. This way, you’ll know how to tie things down properly.

Know How Much Weight You’re Working With

All roof racks will only sustain a limited amount of weight before they bend or receive damage. To avoid damaging your roof rack, evenly distribute the items so that the setup remains balanced on all sides. The roof rack sustains the weight of all these objects to prevent the weight from damaging the vehicle’s roof. Everything must remain secure to prevent things from moving around and shifting the weight onto a part of the rack at max capacity.

Know What Types of Tie-Downs To Use

Tie-downs come in many forms, from buckles to straps, and it’s important to know which ones to use so that you can tie things to your roof rack the right way. The best tie-downs have adjustable straps and metal hooks, so it’s easier to release items and tighten them to the roof rack when necessary. Tie-downs made of leather or nylon are the most reliable, as they’re resistant to the weather and physical damage.

As you can see, tie-downs for your vehicle are essential, and you should use them as much as you can when traveling. Properly tying down your luggage is an essential part of traveling, as it ensures that you and your luggage arrive at your destination safely.

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