Top 5 Accessories To Enhance Your 4Runner

Top 5 Accessories To Enhance Your 4Runner

When heading outdoors for an off-roading trip, most vehicles aren’t able to handle the rough terrain of the wilderness. Because of the greater challenge vehicles have going over uneven and rough terrain, it’s essential that you have the top five accessories to enhance your 4Runner. While the 4Runner can handle more than the average car, it never hurts to make it as durable and tough as possible.

Better Suspension System

Before anything, it’s critical that you outfit your 4Runner with a new suspension system. This allows your vehicle to have greater clearance to avoid any rough objects underneath. It also gives your vehicle the ability to traverse uneven ground. The outdoors aren’t as easily traversable as a freeway, so your 4Runner will need the extra height.

Tough Tires

Right along with increased suspension, stock tires won’t hold up long against the stress of the outside environment. Whether it’s driving over jagged rocks or other piercing objects hidden along wilderness trails, they’ll make short work of factory-standard tires. You need a set of tires that can handle the outside’s demands, keeping together even in the harshest of environments.

Increased Carry Capacity

When off-roading, you’re going to need a load of supplies to keep yourself and others safe. The interior only has so much space to fit all your gear along with everyone else riding with you, so you’ll need to invest in alternatives. Have a sturdy set of Toyota 4Runner crossbars to store all essential materials on the roof of your vehicle. This ensures you have everything you need in case of an emergency.

Skid Plates for Added Protection

Your suspension system can only do so much; inevitably, there will be some debris that scratches your vehicle’s underside. If you want to avoid this unnecessary damage, skid plates are a fantastic way of armoring up your 4Runner in the places it needs it the most. These plates prevent scratching and damage to your undercarriage, keeping it safe during heavy-duty off-roading.

Light Bars

When you’re out at night, visibility is key to safety, and nothing keeps you safer at night than a set of intense light bars. These illuminate your immediate surrounding, alerting you to any incoming danger and hidden obstacles. You don’t have to unknowingly run into sudden rocks, fallen trees, or ditches, and lighting everything up gives you the chance to react before disaster.

Show Up Prepared

No matter what you get, make sure you have the best accessories to enhance your 4Runner. Off-roading can be a dangerous activity, and it’s always better to be a little over-prepared than caught by surprise. Keep yourself and others safe while out on your trip, and make sure everyone comes back home in one piece.

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