Top 5 Overlanding Accessories for Your Tundra

Top 5 Overlanding Accessories for Your Tundra

There are many places in this world to explore to create fun memories. Overlanding helps us dive into nature to see the beauty of the world and create an adventure for ourselves and our travel companions. The Toyota Tundra is a great vehicle for this endeavor, and adding the best accessories will make it ready for any challenge.

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 (Tires)

You'll need some strong tires with a great grip to go over various terrains when overlanding. All-terrain tires have an alternating diagonal tread that allows them to grab hold of the ground and push forward. The strong rubber is durable and thick, so you won't have to worry about damaging the tires on rocky terrains.

The Rhino-Rack XTray (Roofrack)

A Toyota Tundra roof rack system is an important part of any overlanding journey as this accessible storage unit carries the majority of your supplies. A roof rack must be sturdy to hold a lot of weight and keep items stabilized over bumpy roads. This accessory for your Tundra is great for overlanding, has a thick two vertical bar design, and comes with a windshield to keep your cargo from falling out.

WeatherTech Scratch Protection (Armor)

Toyota Tundras are large vehicles made to handle numerous types of terrain. For better protection against mud or precipitation, WeatherTech armor will prevent the natural elements from dirtying the inside of your vehicle. The transparent lining will protect parts of the door's insides to keep the interior clean.

Rigid Industries Truck-Lite 7-Inch Round LED Headlamp Kit (Light)

These headlights have polycarbonate lenses to protect the 2 LED arrays from small projectiles and water, making them a great overlanding accessory for your Tundra. The LEDs project a bright white light and help with visibility during the night. The lenses are also heated, so snow and ice won't be an issue when taking your Tundra into any snowy areas.

Jet Performance Products Underdrive Pulley Set (Pulley)

A car engine has a pulley system that allows it to control other functions, such as air conditioning or heating. This pully set allows the engine to spend less effort on these functions, so it can supply more power to the vehicle’s mobility. Your engine will consume less fuel, and you'll have a longer drive while overlanding.

The Toyota Tundra is great for overlanding through all types of environments. Adding accessories will improve its performance and make your trip wonderful.

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