Top 5 Overlanding Routes in North America

Top 5 Overlanding Routes in North America

Around the continent of North America, there are natural landscapes that make for great driving experiences. Overlanding gives us the opportunity to explore these beautiful areas thoroughly on nature trails. There are numerous places to see, but certain areas are more prominent than others.

The Alpine Loop, Colorado

The Alpine loop consists of two mountain passes along the Rocky Mountain range, filled with mountain ranges and vast green landscapes of trees. The Engineer Pass to the north rises about 12,000 feet and gives a great view of the forested landscape below and the mountain peaks above. The Cinnamon Pass rises the same amount and views the Sunshine, Handies, and Redcloud peaks.

The Smokey Mountain Road, Utah

The Rocky Mountain Road is an excellent option for those looking for a desert scene with rock formations to view for miles. Most of the main roads are higher above the surface and hug the sides of the mountain, while others stick to lower land. Going offroad from the lower roads is the best choice for overlanding.

The lower parts of the Smokey Mountains have a mixture of flat desert-like expanses and sloping or concave patches. All vehicles need tires for a primarily rocky ride with the occasional sandy areas.

The Dalton Highway, Alaska

In the northern parts of the continent lie the expansive Dalton Highway. The highway sits in a large lowland area between two long mountain ranges. The seemingly endless planes are a great place to go off-roading, making this one of the better overlanding routes in North America.

The small patches of the forested area look great in the wintertime, and you can make use of your Toyota Tundra roof rack while camping since you’ll have coverage in case of precipitation. The whole location will create a relaxing drive on or off the road, and the tall mountains add peaceful tranquility to the space.

The Baja Peninsula, Mexico

In the southern area of the continent, Mexico’s Baja Peninsula offers a great view of the Pacific Ocean on one side and the California border on the other. Those who wish to adventure near the water and explore sandy landscapes with patches of bushes and trees will find this trail a treat. Off the coast, you may see rock formations coming out of the sea, and during the day, the bright blue waters make this place one of the most picturesque overlanding routes in North America.

The Enchanted Rockies Trail, New Mexico/Colorado

This Rocky Mountain trail extends from Colorado to New Mexico and offers a view of green hills for miles. Most overlanding done here will involve uphill and downhill driving. The mixture of grassy green slopes and forested terraces will allow for many possibilities in camping and traversal.

North America has many sites and places to visit. Each one will have a great experience attached to it, and by overlanding, these dream-like landscapes will become a reality.

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