Doug is a visual storyteller and lover of the great outdoors. Based in Southwestern CT, he has been exploring the world through photography for the past eight years, deepening his love of technology, nature, and the arts through this medium. Doug found that photography provided him with a creative outlet with his friends in the outdoors, memorializing shared moments as "souvenirs" for all involved. Whether it be backcountry skiing and hiking in the Whites, off-roading on Vermont's vast trail network, or driving around America to better understand this nation and its sub-cultures, he loves to capture the people, places, and things that make these experiences and the outdoors so special.

Doug uses his Crestone rack for pretty much everything off-road related. His roof top tent, MaxTrax traction boards, a firewood bin, a trail all goes up there. He loves how sturdy the rack is while staying low-profile on his 2018 TRD Pro 4Runner.

”Sherpa is a bunch of rad dudes building rad products that give the industry heavyweights a real run for their money.”