Sequoia Deposit (Full Length)

Sequoia Deposit (Full Length)



This will be the first batch of racks for the 1st gen Toyota Sequoia.

Anticipated Max Sale Price: $899

Anticipated Post Group Buy Price: $999

Expected wait time: ~10 Weeks

If the required 10 racks are not accounted for your deposit will be returned.

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MOUNTING — The roof rack mounts into the OEM roof rails with custom 1/4” thick aluminum brackets. We believe in finding a perfect height that keeps weight as low as possible while still making it easy to mount things to the rack.

CROSSBARS — The rack itself features aluminum extrusion crossbars that can be adjusted forwards and back. When you combine the adjustability of the bars with the versatility of the t-slot channel built into each cross bar, it makes for an endless number of ways to mount your gear. 

HARDWARE — Our racks use high-grade 100% stainless steel hardware to ensure you never have to worry about deterioration or rust.

HAND HOLDS — Built into the side plate of each rack are hand holds that make getting to the gear on your roof a breeze. 

TIE DOWNS — More important than just getting to you gear is securing it. The built in anchor points can be used to quickly secure things to the roof without hassle of hard mounting. 

FAIRING — The front fairing includes options for mounting a single row light bar or you can go with the full-size fairing if you wanna keep it simple. The fairing can be adjusted to varying heights, ensuring proper fitment on each vehicles. Fairings include rubber stripping to prevent vehicle damage. 


 The roof rack DOES NOT ship assembled in order to reduce the cost of shipping. 

All racks come UNPAINTED and are bare aluminum. Aluminum will not rust in wet conditions, but we do recommend painting as the bare aluminum does get micro scratches and finger prints on the surface during the manufacturing process.

All products built and designed by Rocky Mountain Racks are intended for off-road use and should be assembled, installed, and used according to Rocky Mountain Racks recommendations. Rocky Mountain Racks products should be used safely with good judgment towards others and surroundings.

By installing Rocky Mountain Racks products on your vehicle you assume all liability. Rocky Mountain Racks will not be held liable for damages or loss associated with the installation or use of its products.